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Inspiring Curious Humans to Live Empowered Lives


Hi, I’m Kat

Your body is the storyteller of your life.

This means that the aches and pains, all the myriad of discomforts that the body manifests are actually invitations to look deeply and compassionately at what your body is trying to tell you. Through this lens, the signs and symptoms you experience become a roadmap to your optimal health. Your body is whole, resourceful and wise and it is my job as your practitioner to help you find your path to tap into that balance.

I am a licensed acupuncturist who uses the combination of acupuncture, one-on-one intuitive coaching and custom herbal prescriptions to support you on your journey to your highest expression of health.


Upcoming Gatherings


CALL IN THE SPIRIT: A Retreat Stepping Into Your Authenticity and Inner Wild Woman
TBD, BC // September 2020

Do you crave coming home to yourself?

What if I said that you already have everything to reclaim your power, unlock your wisdom, dance with your emotions, and explore your shadows?

Everything you need is within you.

Dive deep to discover how integrating mind, body and spirit through the teachings of Chinese Medicine can help you step into your most authentic and aligned life.

This gathering is open to those who identify with the female experience. All ages are welcome.


Our emotions are here to be felt and honored as an offering to our world. It is in the feeling sense where we develop trust to work with what rises and falls in our lives.

I have teamed up with Brittany Lyons, kundalini yoga instructor and all-around magical human to offer you evenings of mindful discussion, yoga + movement practices, and guided journaling designed to support you in your flow with the emotions associated with each of the Seasons/Five Elements of Chinese Medicine. Come join us as we explore within the safe embrace of community.

THE HEART LAB: A Online Group Coaching Workshop Exploring and Healing Your Relationship Patterns
Online Webinar // Summer 2019

Did you know you have the power to transform all your closest relationships by doing your own inner-work?

Join me on an exploration blending the science of Attachment Theory, the latest research on Neurobiology, and the art of Chinese Medicine. I have created a roadmap to support you in cultivating secure relationships through guided inner-work and tools for mindful communication - whether it is with family members, co-workers or your partner(s).

This gathering is open to all ages, gender and relationship expressions.