From Wheelchair to Feet: A "Miraculous" Recovery

Kathleen is a kind and intelligent therapist. After a serious ankle injury and surgery, when I was afraid of anybody touching my ankle, I agreed hesitatingly to have Kathleen massage my ankle for the first time. The relief was instant and I waited for her massage and acupuncture visits for several weeks. She listened carefully to my concerns and applied her skills accordingly to the most affected areas with great care.  Later, I learnt from my orthopedic surgeon, that her work was critical in restoring much-needed blood supply to the affected zones. The surgeon has described my recovery from the serious ankle pilon fracture caused by the car accident as “miraculous”.  I am very grateful to Kathleen for transitioning me from the wheelchair onto my feet at a time when I needed her most. Thank you, Kathleen. 

- S.L.

Kat LeeComment