Symptom- Free after Two Years of Concussion Symptoms

"Kathleen Lee’s acupuncture was life-changing for me. I had never tried acupuncture before and was a bit apprehensive of the unknown, but after my concussion symptoms from 2 years ago didn’t improve much, I was getting frustrated. My neurologist just kept throwing new prescriptions at me to “see if this works.” My headaches were manageable with over-the-counter meds but I felt like I was an investor for Tylenol with as much as I was going through-- and I don’t like taking “stuff.” Long story short, someone I trust suggested acupuncture, so I made an appointment. WOW! First, Kathleen takes in to account your whole body not just the symptoms and my first treatment was amazing; My head actually felt “normal” again. It had been so long I’d forgotten what normal was. And, after a few treatments, I can say my headaches are gone! So, now I have her working on other aspects of my body and well-being and have really noticed improvement. I really look forward to these treatments and will highly recommend her for a myriad of issues people have." - J.W.

Kat LeeComment