Love is the original binary code.

Over the course of 8 weeks in Summer 2019, I will guide you on coursework blending the science of Attachment Theory, the latest research on Neurobiology, and the art of Chinese Medicine. We will flow through 4 modules:

  • DEVELOPING SELF-AWARENESS: identifying and cultivating self-awareness around your relationship patterns

  • DIVING IN DEEP: doing the self-work to breathe attention and accountability to yourself and your actions

  • FILLING UP YOUR TOOLBOX: gathering up some tried-and-true methods for communication

  • NURTURING THE RELATIONSHIP: learning strategies to help you take care of your relationship

The workshop is conducted entirely online with video lectures, coaching exercises and a community forum where I will be available to support or answer any questions that come up.

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I am curious about what your goals are, what you struggle with and what you’d like to work on when it comes to romantic relationships. If you take the survey that I’ve linked below, I will send you a coupon code that will give you a $50 discount for The Heart Lab.