How to Not Bake Hate Cookies

This isn’t an official diagnosis, but I see patients all the time suffering from what I call “Empty Cup Syndrome.”

When you suffer from “Empty Cup Syndrome”, it feels like you are giving so much of yourself to your work, your partner, your kids, etc. that you feel exhausted and completely empty. And from this place of emptiness, there is nothing left of yourself to give. We’ve ALL been here.



Being in a Relationship is Like Building a Fire - All We Need is Kindling & Oxygen

I am a self-professed tomboy who grew up skateboarding and tumbling down streets on BMX bikes with my brother and all the neighborhood boys. But I am embarrassed to confess that, before this weekend, I had never lit a fire all by myself. I had always had a man around who could do it for me.

Fail, I Dare You

Stop trying so damn hard and stop showing up with your 100%.

Let me explain.

A few weeks ago, I sat down at a piano and tried to play a little something for the first time in 15 years. Now, a little something about me that not many people know—I was actually really good at music once upon a time.