CALL IN THE SPIRIT OF THE ELEMENTS: A Retreat Stepping Into Your Authenticity and Inner Wild Woman

Bowen Island, BC // Spring 2019

Do you crave coming home to yourself?

What if I said that you already have everything to reclaim your power, unlock your wisdom, dance with your emotions, and explore your shadows?

Everything you need is within you.

Dive deep to discover how integrating mind, body and spirit through the teachings of Chinese Medicine can help you step into your most authentic and aligned life.

This gathering is open to those who identify with the female experience. All ages are welcome.


HEAL YOUR RELATIONSHIPS: A Retreat Exploring the Heart of Your Relationship Patterns

Whistler, BC // Summer 2019

Did you know you have the power to transform all your closest relationships by doing your own inner-work?

Join me on an exploration blending the science of Attachment Theory, the latest research on Neurobiology, and the art of Chinese Medicine. I have created a roadmap to support you in cultivating secure relationships through guided inner-work and tools for mindful communication - whether it is with family members, co-workers or your partner(s).

This gathering is open to all ages, gender and relationship expressions.



The Spirit of the Elements retreat was such an amazing experience. Kat picked the most serene location that helped put us at ease right from the start. I was able to meet a group of strong women from all ages. There was no judgement, no bias, just kindness, empathy and support for one another. It was a beautiful and healing experience. I have nothing but gratitude to Kat and all the women who helped make the retreat so uplifting and for the profound sisterhood that developed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Sandy, "Calling in the Spirit of the elements" participant