“Spirit of the Elements” Workshop Series at The Dharma Temple

Do you notice a pattern of certain emotions coming up like clockwork during certain seasons of the year? For example, it’s easy to feel joyful in the Summer and melancholy in the Fall. For the “Spirit of the Elements” Workshop series, we will be exploring the specific emotional energetics of each Season to integrate the potent lessons that are available to us.

WHO: This series is open to all ages and gender expressions.

WHEN: Workshops will be offered every 2 months in 2020

  • Jan 30, 2020

  • March 5, 2020

  • May 2020 date TBD

  • July 2020 date TBD

  • Sep 2020 date TBD

  • Nov 2020 date TBD

WHERE: Dharma Temple @ 3282 Main Street, Vancouver BC V5V 3M6

INVESTMENT: $40-$60 sliding scale per workshop

While it is recommended that all 6 courses be taken to receive the full download, each workshop date is meant to be experienced as a stand-alone class.

Image credit @cormac.pow

Image credit @cormac.pow

“Alchemize Your Fear” <Jan. 30, 2019>

What is at the Heart of Your Fear?

Fear has an uncanny way of pulling us into our past wounds or pushing us forward into a scary and unknown future. How is fear holding you back from living your true expression? Is fear preventing you from being present in this moment?

Winter is the season of the Water Element and it is the aligned moment to dive deep and confront the old (perhaps untrue) storylines we tell ourselves. By accessing our stillness and inner wisdom of the Heart, we are able to see ourselves and our circumstances as they truly are. We can see ourselves, our Truth and the conditioning we have to work with. Our pains transform into our strength.

Acupuncturist Kat Lee will lead us in an evening of seasonal attunement including mindful discussion, movement practices, guided circle-work, and a restorative acupuncture ceremony to support the deep dive into our inner Water Element and transform our fears within the safe embrace of community.

We will: 

  • discuss the wisdom found in eastern theory to understand the function of fear and how to work with it instead of against it

  • connect safely to our fears through the container of guided circle and partner work

  • practice embodiment through slow movement medicine to unlock our pelvic floors and hips where we often store our fears

  • seal the potency of the evening through a meditation + acupuncture ceremony

Bring a journal + an alter offering that represents something that you associate with the Water Element or Fear. 

$40-60 Sliding scale 

WHEN: Thursday, January 30, 2019 7:45 PM - 9:45 PM


About Kat Lee

Kat is a practitioner who is passionate about the transformative integrative practices that can be unveiled within the eastern acupuncture lineage and teachings. She shares and honours these traditions through her workshops, retreats, writings and acupuncture practice.