The Heart Lab

Are you ready to cultivate your Dream Relationship?

The Heart Lab is an 8-week online group coaching program for brave, big-hearted individuals and couples who want to cultivate conscious relationships with themselves and their romantic partners.

Our romantic relationships can be the home of our most sacred joys, but also where we come up against our deepest challenges and wounds. Culturally, we have shame around asking for help when it comes to our relationships. We think that if we need coaching, there is something “broken” with us or the partnership. But like all skills we learn in life, without a roadmap or guidance, learning how to be the best partner possible can feel overwhelming.



Who is the Program For?

Whether you are single, coupled, throupled or have some other relationship model, the deep work of cultivating a conscious relationship is hard work.

You may have noticed that there are common themes that seem to keep popping up in your life. There may be a revolving door of characters, arguments and events, but your emotions and reactions to difficult dynamics are the same. You make choices that feel familiar, even if you know they are unhealthy.

Can you relate? 

  • struggling with feeling safe in relationships and clinging to your partner desperately in an attempt to create intimacy

  • finding yourself feeling trapped, while wondering why you can’t seem to find yourself in a fulfilling relationship

  • being in a committed relationship but still finding yourself feeling lonely because you or your partner don’t have the vocabulary or tools to talk about your/their needs

The Heart Lab will help you:

  • acknowledge your relational and attachment wounds and do the work to cultivate a secure relationship with yourself so your choices come from an empowered space.

  • develop skills to develop self-awareness around the patterns and stories that are not serving you

  • gather proven tools for effective and empathetic communication

  • learn strategies to nurture the relationship

All gender and relationship expressions are welcome.

I’m Not Going to Sugar-Coat It…

The Heart Lab is intensive and challenging. There are no silver bullets, simple formulas or guaranteed results when it comes to relationships.

Being a conscious human in partnership requires vulnerability, courage and patience. It also requires consistent presence and a willingness to evolve within the relationship.

My intention is to give you tools to feel, think and embody being a good partner - so you have skills that serve you not just for your romantic relationship, but for life.

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It is so lovely to connect with you…

Hi there, I am Kat, the founder of The Heart Lab. In the last decade of my clinical acupuncture practice, I have worked with hundreds of patients to unravel relational patterns. I have learned that in order to create a conscious relationship that is founded on respect, understanding and honesty, it comes back to your own feelings of worthiness, how you understand yourself and how honest you are with yourself. The work always begins with you. I am thrilled to be able to share this offering and hope you will be joining me in The Heart Lab this summer.


What You’ll Get in The Heart Lab

This 8-week program is based online so you can do all this in your PJs on your time.

  • 6 weeks of course curriculum

  • Weekly journaling prompts to help you dive deeper into your personal story

  • Active lesson comments in community forum

  • 2 Live office hours where I will tackle your questions

  • Support from an online community forum to ask questions and be witnessed (if you’re shy, you’re welcome to use a pseudonym)

  • A 50% discount on a Skype relationship coaching session (1 hr)