Welcome to the Heart Lab Preschool Series!

This is the place to begin your journey into unraveling your relationship patterns, cultivating secure romantic connections and filling up your communication toolbox.

Whether you are searching for a partner or are already in a loving relationship, I have designed The Heart Lab as a roadmap to help you develop:

  • CLARITY - understand the unique ways in which you “react” rather than “respond” to challenges in relationships

  • COMMUNICATION - fill your toolbox with strategies to understand and meet the needs of yourself and your partner

  • CONNECTION - deepening and developing self-awareness that will transform how you connect to your partner

Join me on an exploration blending the science of Attachment Theory, the latest research on Neurobiology, and the art of Chinese Medicine. I have been honored to support many clients through my one-on-one coaching and acupuncture practice, but this is the first time I am releasing this work as an organized online course.

My sincere hope is that you are ready to do the self-work in order to soften into deeper connection with your partner. I’ve prepared The Heart Lab Preschool Series (it’s free!) to help ease your way into this exploratory space.

I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to connect with you,

- Kat Lee



The Trouble with Fairy Tale Endings

Did you ever notice how we seem to be obsessed with “the chase” in our romance narratives? Yet, we don’t seem to talk about how to build an enduring, stable happily-ever-after. Join me as I discuss:

- The trouble with fairy tale endings and why we have unrealistic expectations/assumptions about long-term relationships

- Why secure romantic bonds are so important in the first place

- Why vision-boarding for the “perfect relationship” or the “perfect partner” isn’t good enough and what to do about it


Your Relationship Immunity Needs An Upgrade

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What is YOUR Attachment Wound?

Love is the original binary code.