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"Calling in the Spirit of the Elements"




We all feel a little lost sometimes. Perhaps you are on the brink of your next big adventure or breakthrough, whether it is in your personal or professional life. And yet, you feel frozen with fear or weighed down with worry. Maybe the passion or spark is gone from your life and you are craving inspiration and vision. Are you someone who would like to feel like yourself again? This weekend retreat is about crystallizing your intention reconnecting you with the inner wisdom of your five emotions and supporting you with tools from Classical Five Element Theory to manifest a life that is filled with connection and authenticity.  


Classical Five Element Theory is a branch of Chinese Medicine that emphasizes the integration of the mind, body and spirit to align folks with their authenticity. The Five Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each of the elements has an emotional correspondence. We take these archetypes from nature and explore how they manifest in the human spirit and body. Ideally, the Five Elements should be working and interacting to hold each other in balance as it does in nature. People have a strong expression of one or two predominant Elements that comes with its gifts and challenges. By identifying your predominant Element, you can identify how best to create a supportive practices in which to thrive.


Over the course of the weekend retreat, we will be diving deep into each of the Five Elements/Emotions to discover how they manifest in the human spirit and identify their gifts and challenges to unravel your blocks and support your growth. This weekend will comprise of lectures, spiritual coaching integration, group work and yoga to create an environment in which mind, body and spirit all align. 



FIRE - IGNITE YOUR CURIOSITY: Sometimes life pulls us away from what is fundamental to our sense of security and fulfillment - a connection to ourselves. We will spend the first evening finding connection to yourselves to really clarify what your curiosity is and reconnect to that spark within. 

EARTH - DISCOVER YOUR ABUNDANCE: Where you put your attention is where your energy will flow. Many people find that they are putting their care into areas that are external to themselves, leaving them feeling depleted and resentful. We all need the reminder to shift your mindset to one of abundance and we will go over tools on how to do so. Check out this blog post for a sneak peak into the Earth Element.

METAL - CRYSTALLIZE YOUR VALUES:  The gift of metal is that it cuts right to what is pure so let's get laser-focused. We will get to what your core values are to identify what drives your actions. Hint: You may need to let go of something that no longer serves you in order to invite new energy in. This session will empower you with the tools to release with love and invite in with intention.

WATER - DIVE DEEP INTO YOUR POTENTIAL: Are you ready? How is fear holding you back from living your true potential? Fear has an uncanny way of pulling us into our past wounds or pushing us forward into a scary and unknown future. Learn the skill of diving deep to help keep you grounded in the present moment. Check out this blog post for a sneak peak into the Water Element. 

WOOD - ALIGN YOUR PATH: Wood is all about action. But oftentimes, life feels like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel with no right answers. After having gone through the weekend, you will be clearer about what your vision is and we will complete the weekend with an exploration on how to make decisions from a place of empowerment, alignment and ease. 




WHERE: We will spend the weekend on a beautiful property called Wildwood on Bowen Island (20 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay) featuring a yoga studio perched above the woods where we will hold our classes.

WHEN: late afternoon of September 14 to the afternoon of September 16, 2018

INVESTMENT: I am accepting payments on my Heart-Centered Sliding Scale policy. This investment covers:

  • teachings, coaching and yoga for the weekend
  • a printed copy of the Empowered Wellness course-book
  • home-crafted meals featuring produce grown and cooked with love by Chef Andre from Little Wonder Farms 
  • Bowen Island shuttle service 

LODGING: There are cabins on site at Wildwood available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis. They are lovely, cozy, woodsy spaces with loft bedrooms snuggled in the woods. Bowen has quickly become my favorite way to unwind from the city and I've stayed in these cabins multiple times now and they have quickly become my home away from home. For rental information, please check out the Airbnb Listings: Cabin 1 and Cabin 2. They are currently blocked out for our retreat so contact Reg via the listings to have him unblock them for you. 

I've also stayed at this Airbnb which is just up the road (3 minute drive) from our location and had a quiet and lovely stay. 

The nice thing about Bowen Island is that everything is literally within a 15 minute max drive from everything else so no matter where you stay, you'll be in the neighborhood. Airbnb has been an amazing resource for me when I've booked my trips out to Bowen. If you choose to stay somewhere on the island and don't plan on bringing a car, a shuttle can be arranged to pick you up. 



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